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Model Air colors developed on the basis of intensive research and precise color matching with the Federal Standard 595 color specifications. The sets include the colors for the aircraft profiles and camouflage patterns drawn by Mark Rolfe. With the collaboration of “Pieza a Pieza Modelling Workshop”.
The set with 8 Model Air colors, is developed to paint the low visibility grey color schemes (“Hill”, “Mod Eagle”, “Ghost”, etc.) of the USAF aircraft from the seventies to the present.

FS36231: Interior cockpit color in the USAF fighters (F-4, F-15, F-16, etc.).
FS36118: Color scheme “Ferris”, Egypt” and “Hill”. Combined with FS36270/36320/ 36375. Example
aircraft F-4G, A-10C, F-16C.
FS36176: Color schemes “Mod Eagle” and “Ghost”. Combined with FS36251/36375. Example aircraft
F-15C, F-22A.
FS36251: Color scheme “Mod Eagle” and “Ghost”. Combined with FS36176/36375. Example aircraft
F-15C, F-22A.
FS36270: Color s cheme “ Egypt” a nd “ Hill”. C ombined w ith F S 3 6118/36375. E xample a ircraft F -4G, F-16C.
FS36320: Color scheme “Ghost” and “Hill”. Combined with FS 36118/36375. Example aircraft : A-10C, F-15C.
FS36375: Color scheme “Ghost”, “Egypt”, “Hill”, Ferris” and “Mod Eagle”. Combined with FS36118/36176/36251/36270/36320. See example aircraft: F-15C, A-10C, F-16C, F-22A.
FS36495: Color scheme “Ghost “ First models F/A-18’s. Also color scheme “Flipper” (A-10A) and Agressor “MIG-29” (F-16).